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And then he came back to the role this year after Billy Miller left the show.

That is why she was so good. Strasser's Rachel - naughty bad girl who used sex and schemes for money and love. Nude tits asian. Her voice was all breathy and Alex would have so much fun messing with her. She was able to hide out better. Marj dusay nude. It was a huge confidence-builder for me to now know that I just stretched the boundaries on where I could go.

Get out of your geek mode of picking people you think you have a chance with. We ended up wrestling underneath one of the booths. She blows about half this list out of the water. Paulina was supposed to be a sex kitten and Cali Timmons was awesome. I was going to say the same thing R Shame on you all for not including her. Lesbian obesity epidemic. After all, she's been married to one for over 20 years. It was in slow motion.

While David Tom was amazingly good playing Billy as 16 year old, sometimes I'm having difficulty buying him as an adult Billy.

Your eyes are painted on mate. I think ABC was too cheap to pay her. I have personal preferences that make me an intolerant blight on society. Too bad Wesley Crusher. It was pretty intense. Finally, it's a toss as to which Rachel Cory was the best: I thought Mark Valley was ok, but not as good as Ashford.

You don't want to dare me because you have no idea who you're dealing with" What are some of your favorite original and recast actors on TV shows and why? A redhead and MILF to boot. Nightime recasts about 1 time for every 10 times daytime does.

What are their names? Hypocrites like Jaime Lyn Bauer and Missy Reeves think it's fine to preach against the behavior of others. Some mistook us for lovers and it was weird. She really was great at her job. Malaika arora khan nude. She did a nice job in doing Ashley after Ed.

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Marj is back on Guiding Light as Alex Spaulding for well over a year now.

Honorable Mention for Kira Nerys? Jadzia Dax is No1. Black women showing tits. The role fit him to a T. Kara Marj Dusay Original series. Marj dusay nude. I won't say what I will.

That was the worst. Her Niki was a sharp contras. Recasts on daytime and nighttime shows The two biggest in the 80s were probably Donna Reed on Dallas and Emma Samms on Dynasty in prime time. Marj's admirer's speak out on why they love her and Vanessa so much. We will not share your email with anyone for any reason.

She was CUTE before but now she is gorgeous. Hoshi Sato Linda Park Enterprise Sultry and smart, knowing over 40 languages is a good workout for the mouth if you catch our drift. Keesha sharp naked. The controller is young and powerful R67, Gillian Spencer's Nikki was genuinely chilling and sinister, a marked contrast to her very sweet, reticent Viki.

So, how'd I do? What does that tell you? Droxine should have ben higher top 5 in my opinion. Very good choices on most, especially 7of9.

Just an honourable mention? Not true that audiences hated Sargent. No one could rival Andrea Evans as Tina. So enjoy it while you can, because it's not gonna last" Recasts are tough enough for the audience to take when an actor walks away from a role. A lot like Grace Whitney, always soft focus, but way more personality.

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Insurrection A looker for her age over years old. She looked great but Bel Geddes' no-frills take was the true Miss Ellie. Naked soldiers video. Cutest Star Trek Babe Ever!

I thought Jadzia Dax was the hottest Trek babe ever…Seven is a ten, I agree, but I think putting her first is a cop out. The rest are just second rate skanks that only Trekkie geeks like.

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