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Gravity Zonebut Yukino summons Libra to counter, allowing Pisces to attack. Nasty naked ladies. Natsu wouldn't be able to take much more of this torture and he knew it! It was so intense that Angel had to look away, but even then he never wavered, never stopped waiting for her to crack.

For a long time I have had a poll up asking who people were looking forward to most in this story. Yukino chimes in and suggests they shall see if Frosch does indeed find his way back. As the spirit charges at the two, Yukino summons Deneb who manages to overwhelm the Mother with his lightning attack. Fairy tail angel nude. Sure enough though she was right…Angel was indeed smiling. Yukino falls to the ground and begins to tear up over the result of the match and the overall result of the 2 nd day, as Sabertooth had gained no points.

What she found inside though made even her eyes grow wide, and the steady drip that had been emanating from her slit turn into a full on downpour.

When I enter the GMG arc in this fic, the plot will become a focus much more so than it currently is. Taking the entire head of his cock between her spit soaked lips, Angel roughly suckled on his smooth skin, drawing in air until there was a steady flow over his aching manhood; she would then cut it off before exhaling out again, the constant changing of the pressure in her mouth like a continuously changing wind tunnel of hell.

Meanwhile, Erza saves Jellal and convinces him to live for the future, and they begin to devise a plan to destroy Nirvana. Sorano giving a blowjob Second scene: Girls are busty curvy and have lust expresions. Looking around the small room she was currently in, Angel realized she had found her way to the kitchen in her efforts to get away from the front door. Child big tits. Curling back both of the fingers already inside the girl, he grinned as the filthy babe let out another high pitched squeal, her hips bucking onto his palm as the tips of his fingers scrapped against her G spot.

Erza secretly goes off to find Jellal after she is healed by Wendy, prompting Natsu to find Jellal to prevent him from meeting Erza. Both lay there quietly for a couple minutes, each still panting from the wonderful time they'd had together, their bodies slick with sweat in the cold room.

Normally the man would have scooped up his new prize, but at the moment he was almost back to thinking he was dreaming. Lucy quite honestly could not have blushed harder had she tried. This is all your fault, why did I have to be the one stuck with your figure!

Gray explains to Makarov that he helped Daphne capture Natsu so that Natsu could destroy her Dragonoid from within and fulfill a forgotten promise to lift a curse Daphne cast to make the inhabitants of a town invisible.

Squeezing them, he pulled them in opposite directions before mashing them back together, his thumb nails scratching at her sensitive nipples. This was getting intense, much more so than she would have ever thought. Smiling like a man possessed, the dragon slayer, sunk his fingers deep into her round thighs as he burrowed his face into her soaked slit; her juices going all over his face the moment he touched her, the man was quick to clean himself up with his long, rough tongue.

Fairy tail angel nude

When Natsu and Happy try to get ahead, they are forced into an aerial battle against Cobra. Archived from the original on February 10, As they press on, Yukino spies a figure in the distance, who, to her great surprise, turns out to be her sister Sorano.

Before the blonde's big brown eyes, splayed out across the couch was Natsu, naked of course, but sprawled out on top of him was an equally naked… "Angel? Fairytail Porn Comics - Chichikko Bitch 2. Her gaze rising up to take in the sight of the cum raining down on her, Angel could feel a small smile tugging at her lips, even as she was defiled in the most degrading manner, she knew the man didn't mean it in a bad way…what he was doing was so much more than simply dirtying her body…he was calling out to the world in the most primal of ways that she, Angel, belonged to him…and as consequence…he to her….

On their way, Yukino and the group encounters Hisui and Arcadios who, through their own investigations, are aware of the current conflicts in the Celestial Spirit World. Retrieved from " https:

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The season uses of four pieces of theme music: Not five minutes after falling back to sleep, Natsu was awoken by a loud bang, as if someone had closed a door too hard or something. Still leering down at her nude body as he stood over her, Natsu couldn't help teasing her that much more about her situation.

The group, as they walk, agrees that the only way to reunite with everyone is to head towards the guild. Busty milf list. Fairy tail angel nude. As Loke arrives, Yukino recognizes him as the lion constellation and then she has her keys returned to her. After that, Yukino watches in amazement at the Celestial World, before being reunited with her spirits, who completely forgot about what happened. Raking his gaze like a searchlight over the soft curves of her belly, and across her smooth navel, Natsu smirked at seeing the neatly trimmed patch of platinum fur between them.

Minerva is fucked doggystyle. Lucy's Heavenly Hearts 2. September 24, [10]. When Sting, Rogue and the Exceeds return to the guild one week following Tartaros' defeat, Yukino greets them and the accompanying Minerva. They go through it and discover a wounded Arcadios, shocking Yukino. Milf pics panties. Angel was speechless for a moment, her entire face turning ruby red, but that was only for a moment though.

Sorano supported her through most of her childhood in which Yukino felt useless to her family and would always be scolded by her parents. Subsequent to becoming a soldier under Arcadios, Yukino wore a dark soldier uniform after the third day of the Grand Magic Games. Yukino then follows Levy and tries to look for the place where the library keeps donated books, and as they search, Yukino hypothesizes that Virgo will steal the globe once they find it.

Natsu, Lucy, Happy, and Gray rush off to defeat it. As he floats in the world of nothing, Igneel's voice speaks to him and he breaks free, defeating Zero and manages to destroy Nirvana's legs along with his allies, resulting in Nirvana's destruction. Angel…" Natsu groaned as he felt her suddenly squeeze around him, her body almost there.

He was a formidable foe even without his magic; his advantage topped by the fact that she was in no position to fight him, that much was clear to both of them, just as clear as the fact that she wouldn't stand a chance against him in a physical contest even if she was; all that aside…he was too good to harm her as she was.

Lava Zonecausing the ground beneath the girls to quickly break down into lava. As they search around, Mirajane comments on how Yukino resembles her younger sister Lisannacausing the Celestial Spirit Mage to blush. Pat pat pat pat The sounds were so loud now! Eyes shooting open, Natsu was awake now! She then listens as the Celestial Spirit King thanks the Mages, despite not remembering the past events, followed by Hisui's apology to him.

Yukino and the Fairy Tail Mages eventually find a narrow pathway to cross. Yukino just barely managed to survive the attack.

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Bearing her teeth at the insolent man, Angel looked down at his hardened shaft, his long manhood directly below her dripping core; she slammed her hips down, desperately trying to impale herself, to end her torture right then and there.

Taking in a long, satisfying whiff of the former celestial wizard's heavenly scent, Natsu teasingly rubbed his cheeks against her soft thighs, grinning as they instinctively clenched shut around his head, holding him perfectly in line with her burning maidenhood.

Cringing as the cool air from the machine washed over her already chilled breasts, the cold seeping down into the openings created by her burgeoning nipples and making them stand out that much more against her winged bra. Cheating milf pornhub. Angel was too happy right now to take offense to the man's rather crude remark, slowly shaking her head; she kept that smile perfectly in place as she looked him right in the eye.

Natsu Dragneel Lucy Heartfilia. Girls are busty curvy and have lust expresions. Raw, inexperienced…and oh so easy to fluster and torment…she snickered at her spirit's antics with her. Fairy tail angel nude. Hot young lesbian movies Everyone returns to their respective guilds, and Wendy and Carla officially become members of Fairy Tail. As Yukino looks on eagerly to see if Frosch will find his way back to the Guild, they notice that Frosch has indeed returned to a Guild, but to Fairy Tail. Angel felt it, her eyes shooting as wide open as they possibly could, she at long last felt the sensation she had been pining for, for so long!

Scowling at her rather irritatingly large assets, she turned to look at her ruined clothes, the expensive fabrics having formed a sizable puddle of melted snow. Two fingers from each hand securing her reddened pussy lips, two invaded her tunnel, stretching and prodding it while the others assaulted her clit, pressing and flicking it at the same time; and all the while he gently lapped away at her little platinum heart, his knowing stare boring into her very being as a girl and making the other sensations that much more explosive!

She explains that she has admired Lucy since she first saw her battle during the first day of the Grand Magic Games.

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