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Inscientists reported that the reason naked mole-rats do not get cancer can be attributed to an "extremely high-molecular-mass hyaluronan " HMW-HA a natural sugary substancewhich is over "five times larger" than that in cancer-prone humans and cancer-susceptible laboratory animals.

Unlike the females, there are usually multiple reproducing males [47]. This eusocial structure is similar to that found in antstermitesand some bees and wasps. Busty girl tits. Species 3 naked. Abbot manages to get the truck off the road, but from nowhere comes this freaky humanoid alien boy who kills the other army dude. Retrieved 5 January It's a shame that her only decent topless scene in this flick is ruined by the fact that she has a nasty-looking rash over the top of her body. Handbook of the Mammals of the World Volume 6: She agrees and is shown riding him big titties bouncing all over the place before she kills him.

The naked mole-rat Heterocephalus glaberalso known as the sand puppy[3] is a burrowing rodent native to parts of East Africa. Contents [ show ]. The Biology of the Naked Mole-rat. The baby is born, Dr. Puerto rican tits. Extant species of family Bathyergidae African mole-rats. She is believed to have died. Views Read View source View history. He played the government agency head in charge of rounding up the alien menace. Later that day, Dr. In zero-oxygen atmosphere, it can survive 18 minutes apparently without suffering any harm but none survived a test of 30 minutes.

The queen nurses them for the first month; after which the other members of the colony feed them fecal pap until they are old enough to eat solid food. Retrieved November 15, Naked mole-rat Temporal range: FilmFanatic was written on February 17, It was a male humanoid alien that possessed no fertility so that Sara would not be lonely and to ensure that they would have no offspring in the future. One problem, the half breed aliens needs the baby born to Eve to do something to survive, so why do they kill her?

An Encyclopedia of Curious and Unusual Animals. Lastly, when Sara is in her human form, she appears to be either a young woman or a teenage girl in her late teens. Naked mole-rat Heterocephalus glaber. B, Biochemical, Systemic, and Environmental Physiology. Naked women at home. Abbot states she doesn't have any emotion. The director of this movie definitely had a good appreciation for the female ass.

When deprived of oxygen the animal uses fructose in its anaerobic glycolysisproducing lactic acid. My first concern was that there are two Army Privates transporting the dead alien, but the driver looked like he was about 48 years old.

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I bet the guy watching her tight, sweet, wet pussy was loving this and probably every guy involved on the set showed up to enjoy the scene of this sweet, sweet girls tight ass, wet pussy and wanted to or tried to fuck her.

The Selfish Gene 30th anniversary ed. Average nude girl pics. International Union for Conservation of Nature. Abbot states she doesn't have any emotion. Quick full frontal, followed by a long walk down the hallway flaunting her perfect bare fucking ass.

There was nothing good about this movie even a little bit. Heterocephalus Glaber listed as "least concern". When she returns home Dean shows her a game of chess.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Journal of Comparative Physiology. Species 3 naked. Abbot manages to get the truck off the road, but from nowhere comes this freaky humanoid alien boy who kills the other army dude. Big tits pounded. The old man comes in and stares at her nude body as she comes on to him. Early Pliocene - Recent Conservation status.

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Now, if these aliens find a way to mate, we lowly Homosapiens are pretty much done for. For some reason, Dr. I am assuming they ran out of military extra budget in this film. Sara rapidly transforms into her true form and ramms two of her tentacles through the top of Turner's skull, instantly killing him.

Naked Mole-Rat Genome Resource Sara stopped Amelia from killing Dean because of her fondness of him but fell into the core as well. Member Login Sign in not a member? She starts screwing him and we see her nice titties bouncing up and down before she kills him. Namaqua dune mole-rat Bathyergus janetta Cape dune mole-rat Bathyergus suillus. I can use Ass and Damn though right? However she has proved to be able to feel emotion, she developed affection for Dean and when he saved her from falling into the core she was clearly scared.

This is proposed to be an adaptation to the animal living in high levels of carbon dioxide due to poorly ventilated living spaces, which would cause acid to build up in their body tissues. Sexy naked white. She gets out of the car and begins to chase the train but falls and gets her arm cut off. There are two main types of worker, the "frequent workers" who frequently perform tasks such as foraging and nest building and "infrequent workers" that show role overlap with the "frequent workers" but perform at a much slower rate.

Reproductively active female naked mole rats tend to associate with unfamiliar males usually non-kinwhereas reproductively inactive females do not discriminate. So instead of bringing in the best the military has to offer to track down these aliens and thus preserve the human race, this government agency head brings in… Dean the bio nuclear physiologist psychologist grad student.

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